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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Recently, I haven't been feeling my best... A lot of things are swirling around my head...
Firstly, my Great Grandmother has been unfortunately very ill for the past two years and a couple of weeks ago she had two strokes within minutes of each other and now she doesn't look healthy nor does she really remember who I am... My Great Grandmother was a huge part of my childhood, she looked after me whenever my Mum or Nan were too busy with work. I have lost a lot of people in a short space of time so I kind of got used to the concept of death. I would obviously still get upset but it eventually became a yearly cycle and I used to seal up everything and remain strong for my family whilst my emotions ate me up inside. It wasn't til earlier this year, I had a breakdown and finally I tried seeking help but I failed and slowly fell back into my old ways... And now everything is flowing forth again and I feel like I am about to explode but I need to keep it together as I can't let my life be affected by my past mistakes.

I am sorry those who actually read this blog but I just needed to vent somewhere and I didn't want to do it on Facebook as that has enough whiners >_____>

News related to the blog! I am working on making an appealing layout and such.
I want to have this blog having weekly updates and when I get my microphone, I will start doing video reviews and maybe a Sequelitis-esque filler pieces when there isn't any games or films worth reviewing.

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