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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hyrule Warriors Review

Hyrule Warriors! Zelda meets Dynasty Warriors and makes for an impressive collaboration that actually works out.

I was never much of a Dynasty Warriors fan, I always preferred an adventure instead of mauling down hordes and hordes of enemies, but then Nintendo announced my favourite franchise combined with Dynasty Warriors.

Ever since 1998 when I discovered, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I was completely taken in by the series and had to go back and buy the previous instalments due unfortunately not growing up with a NES or SNES.

At first, I didn't enjoy Hyrule Warriors but that was because I was looking at it as a Zelda game but as soon as I got that mindset out of the way, I was loving everything from the combat to the characters to the story and stage design, everything was so well crafted.

In Hyrule Warriors, you have various different modes such as; Legend Mode, which is the story mode for the game. Free Mode, which allows you to replay any story mission you've completed again but this time with any of the unlocked characters. And Adventure Mode, which opens as the original Legend of Zelda theme and world map, this mode gives you various conditions to complete such as; defeat 300 enemies or complete this mission without taking damage. There is also a challenge mode but if you're Wii U isn't connected online you won't be able to download the patch.

In summary, Hyrule Warriors breathes a breath of fresh air into these two series, bringing fun combat and an incredible story plus a handful of nods to the different entries in the Zelda series and with four downloadable content packs on the horizon, this game isn't going to lose replayability for a while.

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